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Solutions for Your Every Need
Patient rooms are no longer standard, one size fits all. There are many different types of rooms within the general classification of patient room. Comfort Designs has built a bath fixture solution for every different type of room. Each one is presented on the following pages. Each is presented a package, but each can be modified. When the bath fixture in the patient room does not have to be code compliant, select from the package that best fits the need.

Surgical Recovery
the shower package designed to offer patient safety and comfort following surgery

Labor & Delivery
the shower package designed to complement the stylish design
in the LDR suite

the shower package designed to offer heavy duty support -
ensuring patient safety and product longevity

Behavioral Health
the shower package designed to prevent the bather from harming
himself or others

are created by fully encapsulating the Pediatrics tub shower packages designed to be care-giver friendly while safely meeting patients’ needs


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