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Massachusetts Accessibility Standards (MAS)
CD has produced MAS Compliant products for over twenty years with positive results. All units will be manufactured with stainless steel peened bars and padded seats with all necessary backing as stated by code.
MAS Units
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California Building Code / Title 24 (CBC)
CBC does not recognize the ADA/ANSI transfer shower. However, a unique 42 x 48 shower is recognized in CBC, as well as the ADA compliant Roll-in.
California Building Code/Title 24 Units
California Building Code/Title 24 Bases
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Veterans Administration (VA)
New technology and designs have emerged making the 4' by 4' barrier free shower a preferred choice by the Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Units
VA Bases
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American National Standards Institute (FHA/ANSI Type B)
FHA/ANSI B Units are unique, non ADA compliant, adaptable units.

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