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Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Solid surface is unmatched in its strength and durability which is achieved through a material thickness that exceeds ABS plastic, AcrylX™ and cast acrylic by four fold. Because of the exceptional strength and durability of Comfort Designs Solid Surface, it is offered with a Ten Year limited warranty.

Durability, Strength, Renewability Solid surface is known for its durability, strength and renewability. The non-porous surface resists stains, odors and is easy to clean. Bring all the features and benefits of solid surface sought in high-end kitchens and healthcare to your project - Choose Comfort Designs Solid Surface.

Rich, Lustrous Finish Comfort Designs Solid Surface is offered in two finishes - solids and simulated granite blends. Depth of color radiates upward from deep within. The eye sees deep into the color. The translucence is astoundingly rich.


cotton seed

White                                      biscuit                                      bone

Solid Surface features:

  • color choices: white, bone, biscuit or simulated granite blends
  • designer finish color options
  • custom mold flexibility
  • high gloss, solid surface
  • seamless
  • resists stains and odors
  • easy to clean
  • configurable accessory locations
  • Class A fire retardant
  • renewable
  • LEED credits
  • Thirty (30) year limited warranty

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