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Quality you can see- Comfort Designs’ AcrylX™ Applied Acrylic is a brighter, more lustrous white; thus, providing aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. With less dulling and more shine to the finish, AcrylX™ products will stand the test of time.

AcrylX™ Applied Acrylicis a tremendous innovation in the bathware industry. Tested and value proven, AcrylX™ products bring luxury to the everyday bath market.

Save time and money. Comfort Designs’ AcrylX™ Applied Acrylic has an average minimum thickness of 22 mil. The less pours and harder AcrylX™ Applied Acrylic finish reduces the chances for scratches and surface repairs - saving you time and money.


Comfort Designs utilizes state-of-the-art
robotic manufacturing
Seamless molded seats
are easy to clean and provide strength and durability


Molded leg ledges
allows for independent bathing
Molded soap ledges
functional and do not impede proper installation

White                                      biscuit                                      bone

AcrylX™ features:

  • color choices: white, bone, biscuit
  • seamless
  • premium, marine-grade AcrylX™
  • easy to clean
  • configurable accessory locations
  • Class B fire retardant
  • LEED credits
  • Thirty (30) year limited warranty

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