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There are so many needs to be met. So many criteria to satisfy. Comfort Designs meets every need and satisfies all criteria. Comfort Designs comes from a proud heritage, its roots from a proud name- Aquarius. Aquarius manufactured the first ANSI compliant accessible shower and tub shower with design guidance from Ron Mace, AIA, one of the countries leading proponents of universal design and accessibility. For over thirty years, Aquarius has been specified in leading healthcare facilities across the nation. Comfort Designs was developed in 1999 to focus primarily on senior living and aging-in-place. The new Comfort Designs brings together the experience and dedication gained in our thirty years of listening to the community and providing solutions. The product offering is expanded significantly to include cast acrylic and solid surface models. The AcrylXâ„¢ line is fully developed to include standard models that compliment the premium line of models Comfort Designs has been noted for. There are an array of models addressing every kind of project. Now there is one source for every need: Comfort Designs

Power of Comfort Designs: Solutions
There are many seats at the table where decisions are made regarding the critical choices of a bathing fixture. By selecting from the wide array of Comfort Designs products, each participant can be assured their needs will be met; their criteria satisfied. There are choices for every kind of facility. All code compliant requirements are met. Materials and manufacturing processes are superior to any in the industry. Selecting Comfort Design provides peace of mind. The beauty of the interior space is enhanced through design and availability of three different finishes. Installation is made easier through patented processes- see EasyBase™. Job site damage can be minimized by exclusive protective coating called P3. Bather safety, security and comfort are addressed in design and manufacturing process. Design build is available when the space and dimension requirements are unique.

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