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The student housing environment demands durablity coupled with attractive design and surface options which inhibit growth of mold and clean easily.

Reinforced floors
Heavy duty reinforced floors for athletic dorm specification



Molded leg ledge
Conveniently positioned functional leg ledge for female dormitories



SST 6033 SH
shown in solid surface ashley

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XSS 4837 SH MS
AcrylXâ„¢ one-piece shower

Comfort Designs has an array of choices for student housing bathing fixtures. Beautifully designed yet functional- built to last for years. Arriving students will find an inviting bathing environment with a student housing package from Comfort Designs.


  • Wood reinforcement for heavy use
  • Accessory reinforcement
  • Heavily reinforced floors
  • Tri-Cell backing for sound deadening
  • Molded seats available
  • Molded soap dishes
  • Solid surface durability

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