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Comfort Designs provides features far above the industry standard. Features that make the correctional shower package well suited for secure facilities. The unique design of the anti-ligature grab bars meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and resists suicide-by-hanging attempts. The one piece shower design resists abuse and does not offer a place to conceal contraband.

Steel reinforcement strap
Weight bearing rating for 500 lbs. and prevents tampering from the front side



Tamper proof anti-ligature grab bars
Anti-ligature bar allows for full grip, but are designed to prevent tying of materials by eliminating space between wall and bar. Weep holes allow for water drainage


Recessed Valve
Recessed valve prevents tampering and tying-off of materials



Sloped shower head
Sloped shower head is tamper proof and sloped to prevent tying-off of materials


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XST 4136 BF .5 Psych
Cast acrylic one-piece domed shower


  • Tamper proof grab bars
  • Tamper proof recessed valve
  • Sloped shower head
  • Molded integral seat
  • Molded soap dish
  • Recessed dome light
  • Cast Acrylic one-piece shower

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