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Comfort Designs learned by listening closely to the community and understands what is required in bathing fixtures for assisted care. The needs of the resident and caregiver are given equal weight. The goal has always been to enable assisted bathing while fostering independence and dignity for the resident.

Grab bar and valve placement
correctly placed and securely installed




Easy entry tub shower
allows for a safe step in




Woodgrain fold-down seat
attractive and useful




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XSS 6009 TS
Design build model from Nationwide Children’s Hospital that found a place in assisted care. The low step dam and fold-up seat make this model safe and universal.

Valve placement
configuration A: valve must be placed
on back wall when seat is present

Entry bar
strategically placed to assist bather and

Integral soap ledge
strategically placed for bather

Low threshold
three different threshold options

Reinforced framelss seat
Reinforced with steel backing plate.
Padded seats are recommended for
use in all ALF projects

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