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the shower package designed to offer heavy duty support - ensuring patient safety and product longevity.

Steel plate reinforced seats
The backside wall support provides enhanced reinforcement for greater safety and security




Reinforced seats
Bariatric seat is weight bearing rated for 1000 lbs.





Steel reinforced strap
Enables bariatric use safely




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Alternate grab bar placements available

*NOTE: All walls are reinforced with 1/2” plywood for accessory reinforcement

Specialized 72” hand-held shower hoses for extended reach.


  • Plywood reinforced walls
  • Crush-proof EasyBase™ reinforced floor rated to 500 lbs (1000 lbs. floor rating requires on site mud set installation)
  • Steel reinforced seats
  • Steel reinforced grab bars
  • Specialized fixtures
  • Non-standard large size models

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